1. The Exosome/ PRP Treatment will be needled in to the skin for best results. But the Exosomes are so powerful that solely topical applications can work well too.
2. Facials: using the Exosomes/ PRP Treatment we can totally rejuvenate the skin, rebuild and remodel collagen and elastin and all cross links.
3. Most wrinkles can be erased, as well as deep acne scars and pock marks.
4. Tone will become more even and texture will be like new baby’s skin after 2-3 treatments.
5. Exosomes can lighten the skin too, and add to this a series of glutathione IV push and you will get the desired color very soon.

Also can just needle in Hyaluronic acid and then apply Exosomes to the skin repeat in 3- 6 months. Do 2-4 treatments per year.

Use IGF1 LR3 or Tesamorelin peptides at same time for best results. 6-12 consecutively.
You will go back in time 10-15 yrs or more depending on how many facials you do. DrC recommends you do a series of 3 facials using stem cell Exosomes one every 6 weeks for 18 weeks! And use 1 of the peptides above for 6-12 months at the same time!