With physician supervised Testosterone and IGF1 and HGH  Releasing Peptides We have helped 1000s of men get results.

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In just weeks of starting regimens tailored to you, you will:

  • Feel Stronger, Leaner & More Energized
  • Burn Fat and Increase Muscle
  • Improve Mood, Drive, Focus & Libido
  • Restore Thinning Hair & Sagging Skin
  • Increase Concentration & Sense of Empowerment

Dr. Dana Churchill specializes in customizing regimens specific to your needs.

The Churchill Center uses highly skilled practitioners in the fields of Testosterone and Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides in adult men.

Regenerate with Therapy Programs catered to Your Needs:

  • Ongoing Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapies
  • IGF1-Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides
  • Vitamins, Neutraceuticals & Amino Acids

Dr. Dana Churchill & his Staff Will Always Be There For You

  • “I have in the fitness industry for years and struggle with hypothyroidism. I am so excited at the option to try testosterone replacement therapy, in order to improve muscle mass and weight loss, while suppressing my anxiety!”

    Female Patient
    Female Patient
  • “I had the majority of the symptoms from low T and a few from low IGF-1. I’ve noticed a great return on investment from the IPA/CJC so far, and the T worked great! You were right, Dr. C, the IPA/CJC has me feeling amazing!"

    Male Patient
    Male Patient
  • “I will make sure to keep you update to date with every patient inquiry response from the doctor catered to your individual concerns, while ensuring prompt check-in’s and lab result updates. We are here to serve you!”

    Patient Coordinator
    Patient Coordinator

About Your Health

We know what patients are experiencing

Dr. Dana Churchill has properly diagnosed thousands of men & women with hormone imbalances. Ask yourself:

Are you over 30 years old and solitary?
Are you feeling fatigued?
Are you moody, anxious or depressed?
Is your focus and self-motivation low?
Do you struggle to burn fat and build lean muscle mass?
Do you have a low sex drive and function?

If you feel any of these questions above are relative to you, we hope you take the first step in scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Dana Churchill. He is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor, nutritionist and chef dedicated to functional, anti-aging and regenerative medicine for all.