Why is important?

For many people, discussing about digestive problems can be hard which leaves them suffering in silence. But a healthy, functional gastrointestinal system is important so we are in perfect conditions to clean out what we don’t need and keep what will cover our bodies’ necessities.


Leaky Gut Syndrome

To understand what Leaky Gut Syndrome is and how it relates to allergies, we need to look at the gastrointestinal tract. When non-digested foods move through the lining of our intestinal tract and into our bloodstream, our immune system can become triggered to act like a vaccination to that non-digested food. The immune system gets confused and does not realize that the food particle is not the enemy. This is known as leaky gut syndrome. As more and more food gets through into the blood, because of Candida or other types of bacteria that weaken the GI wall, we start to have many types of symptoms that can debilitate us over time and substantially weaken our immune systems because it is putting out many of these false fires all the time.


The other issue with this is that these same food sensitivities can cause our bodies to hold onto water weight and stop us from losing weight. This is especially common with wheat and dairy as the worst offenders. Some people know what these offending substances are and stay far away from them. However, many people do not and must be tested for food sensitivities. Environmental allergens can be tested as well if necessary.