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A. IV Infusion Therapy

*A 15 minute, complimentary consultation is required with the Dr. before any of these treatments can be purchased.

**Package deal: Purchase 5 IV’s or more and get 15% off.

 Meyer’s Cocktail – IV

The all around IV great for energy, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, workout recovery, vitamin deficiencies, boosts  immune system, recovery and prevention from the stomach flu, allergies and asthma, colds, great for handovers  and many other conditions.

Hydrogen Peroxide  – IV

With the many healing properties of oxygen, these IVs boost immune system function great for killing all types of microbes: bacterial, viral, fungal:  flu, colds, wound healing and increasing oxygen to the cells. Can be used to treat chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.

Anti-Inflammation  – IV

This is great for all around aches and pains, stains and sprains and bruises, as well as breaking down inflammation internally in the body.  Helps to calm down leaky gut syndrome and Anti-inflammatory conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic pain, post-op and sports injuries.

Immune System Re-boot –  IV

Combines Nano Bio-active silver, Homeopathic Glutathione, Methyl B12, B-complex Magnesium and Zinc all together. Bio-active silver works as a potent anti-microbial and is commonly used to treat cases of bacterial infections such as Lyme, Streptococcus, and more; fungal infections such as Candida; Viral infections such as HIV/AIDS, Herpes, Hepatitis, and more. As well as strengthening the immune system.  Usually patients do a series of 5 and or interchange each week with Meyers Cocktails.

Hang Over/Jet Lag –  IV  Meyers,  Methyl B12, Magnesium, and MSM.

Best for re-hydration and putting back the B vitamins, and minerals that alcohol strips away. One of our clients commented after getting this infusion that it felt as if he had just dove into a pool of cool clean refreshing water!

NAD+ IV: resets opiate center in the brain to eliminate mental addictions by enhancing neurotransmitters and turns on genes to improve metabolism. Stops lactate build-up, enhances mitochondria function, increases energy and muscle building, reduces all cravings. It is POWERFUL! the ultimate in  anti-aging  and great to break most cravings. NAD has been shown in many research  papers to boost mitichondria and re-set pleasure (opitate) centers in the brain! NAD+ works rapidly to repair cells throughout the body and neurons in the brain. Has 50 different functions. Repairs DNA with an enzyme called PAR. Renovates and repairs opiate receptors. Increases performance and repairs mitochondria of heart and kidney cells.  “NAD+ plays a pivotal role in the regulation of DNA repair, oxidative stress resistance, and cell death, suggesting that NAD+ synthesis through the kynurenine is an attractive target for therapeutic intervention in age-associated degenerative disorders.”* *Hassina Massudi, Ross Grant, Gilles J Guillemin & Nady Braidy (2012) NAD+ metabolism and oxidative stress: the golden nucleotide on a crown of thorns, Redox Report, 17:1, 28-46, DOI: 10.1179/1351000212Y.0000000001.

Dosing:  250 mg: and 500 mg:  and 750 mg :  to achieve the benefits  above need to do a series of consecutive IVs 5-10 days.

Glutathione Push:  Can be used alone or after any IV.  Cannot be combined with anything else. Glutathione is the pre-eminent antioxidant in the human body.  This amazing substance is used by the liver as a major detoxifier of  heavy metals, and toxins: carcinogens,  herbicides, pesticides, radiation. It is at the heart of most immune reactions. All other antioxidants rely of it to function. It enhances the efficacy of our immune cells and protects them.  Great for energy and repair or DNA from constant barrage of free radical damage.

10 cc:
5  cc:

Magnesium  Push: 5cc Mag Chloride: Anxiety, relaxation, hypertension,  stress buster,  and Insomnia


B. Vitamin, Mineral, Amino  Acid and Metabolic Co-factor Injections

Packages Available

GAC: glutamine, arginine, carnitine:  Possible Benefits:

Assists in building muscle while reducing fatigue and preventing muscle breakdown. Improved muscle building potential, Increased human growth hormone levels. improve the body’s growth hormone and protein production, aiding in the growth and recovery of muscle. aid the body in producing nitric oxide to improve blood flow, which can aid improving the delivery of nutrients throughout your body, and may even lead to increase sexual ability. helping muscle tissue to use more testosterone to build muscle faster and more effectively.

*Add  Berkeley Life Pro Nitric Oxide Support caps and may have better results than Viagra and no side affects!    1 ml

Skin, Hair and Nails Formula: Methyl B12, Biotin, Calcium and   Folic Acid. This formula will help you grow stronger nails, thicker shinier  hair with more bounce, and a glow from inside to out.  2 ml

 Series Fat Burner:  MIC Combo, Dexpanthonal, and B-complex: Great adjunct to HCG or any wt.  loss program, works to burn fat and aids digestion and assimilation of protein fat and carbs as well as massive energy boost while calming and nurturing  the nerves.  2 ml

The Terminator:  Glutathione, Series Fat Burner, and Magnesium, serious energy,  feelings of wellbeing and detox.  Helps to protect the liver.  3ml

Turbo Terminator: (Terminator + Co Q 10 1 cc) not mixed:  4ml

L-Carnitine and Dexpanthonol: used in conjunction with each other, will burn more fat and lean down the body.  3x/week:  1 month

Energy Booster:  Methyl B12.  1.5ml

Detox Formula:  (B1, P-5-P, methyl B12, glutathione): 2ml

Mood Fixer:  (B12, B complex, Mag) , + (Folic acid and P-5-P) 2ml

PMS Stop:  (methyl B12, B-complex, B6, Mag.) 3ml

Co Q 10: Adds energy to any regimen and supports healthy hearts and if you are taking either red yeast rice or a Statin drug you need this amazing metabolic co-factor. 1ml

NAD+: The ultimate in anti-aging and energy restoration, resetting and detoxing mitochondria, and cravings. 1ml

Young Again: (NAD+, and Series Fat Burner), best for the mind and neuro functioning but also supports your mitochondria and muscle energy, a must for fibromyalgia! 1ml

Vitamin D3: we all need it! Most studied vitamin (hormone) in past 10 years.  Keep taking it until your markers get to 80. 1ml

Peace & Serenity: L-Trytophan: great to relax the body and muscles and helps you to fall asleep even during stressful times. 1ml (Add lidocaine)


C. Anti-aging and Regeneration:

 Peptides and Bio-identical Hormone Therapies


All prices are for 1 month packages

IGF1LR3: Benefits of raising IGF1 (months and beyond Remember IGF1 is the direct messenger sent out from HGH.

Benefits reported in published studies include:15% average decrease in fat.

    • 8% average increase in muscle and lean body structures.
    • Improved skin texture resulting in a more youthful appearance.
    • Fewer skin wrinkles.
    • Increased bone density, reversal of osteoporosis.
    • Faster healing of any type of injury, fracture, or wound.
    • Greatly enhanced immunity and resistance to infection.
    • Enhanced brain function, retention of intellect with aging.
    • Improvement in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s syndromes.
    • Improved sex drive.
    • Improved fertility, sperm production, and ovulation.
    • Improvement in overall physical and mental well-being.
    • Improvement in sleep disorders, better quality of sleep.
    • Improved exercise tolerance.
    • Improved mineral balance.
    • Improved mood, with less depression and fatigue.
    • Improved heart and kidney function.

Tesamorelin: similar to IGF1LR3 (3rd generation) super charged!

Ipamorelin + CJC: similar to Tesamorelin  (2nd generation)

Sermorelin acetate 9mg with GHRP2 5.4 mg  (1st generation) (use with GAC and Series Fat Burner) for ultimate results.

For best results  use for 3-6 months then maintenance doses.

Benefits of Sermorelin  and GHRP2 on Growth Hormone:

    • Decreased Body Fat with no change in diet or exercise (11-14% after 3-6 months)
    • Increase lean muscle mass with no change in diet or exercise   (7-9% after 3-6 months)
    • Increase energy (experienced in the first 2-3 weeks)
    • Increased Endurance (experienced in the first 2-3 weeks)
    • Better quality of sleep (first 2-3 weeks)
    • Tighter and thicker skin
    • Thicker Stronger Hair
    • Stronger and thicker nails
    • Increased libido
    • Thyroid support: helps T4 convert to T3
    • Feelings of peace and well being

AOD 9604 (Fragment): Fat burning, Bone and cartilage repair, HGH Fragment (the part of the HGH peptide chain that burns fat).

BPC 157: GI, Liver and Stomach repair.  Skin, bone, ligament and tendon repair.

DSIP: Delta Sleep: insomnia healing and endocrine regulation.

Epithalon:  From pineal gland. This molecule has been studied and found to lengthen telomere length! The ultimate in anti-aging as well as supporting evidence in Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Coronary artery disease.

GHK-Cu: Skin elasticity.

LL-37: Critical role in immune defense, inflammation and healing.

PT-141: For men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)  and low libido.

Selank:  Enhances memory & learning and neuro restoration.

Semax: Immune booster, may prevent stroke, TIA, memory loss, cognitive, and optic.

Thymosin alpha 1: Restores immune function.

TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4): Stomach, Liver and GI repair, Skin, Bone. Ligament and Tendon repair.

Thymogen: Immune and inflammatory processes.

Thymulin: Pain and inflammation processes

-Bio-identical Hormone Therapies:

  1. Testosterone for Men or Women (Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy): injections, creams, gels and or troches. Women can use a low dose to help melt that stubborn fat or increase energy, strength and stamina…Men per 1cc shot or cream 20% 30g, Women Subcu shot 10iu (or cream 0.4% 30g).
    1. Testosterone cypionate 2000mg/10ml: For both men and women. Most patients  over 40 years old  come in deficient  in testosterone. They have many physical impairments but also many mental/emotional impairments from low T as well! Ask Dr. Churchill to assess you.  1 ml
    2. Testosterone Cypionate/Proprionate 175/25 mg/ml 5 ml vial: Better than the above T because it will give you a steadier dosing regimen.  1 ml
  2. Oxytocin:  for women: relaxation and feel alive, sensitive and sensual:
  3. Estrogen Cream (Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) E2 or Bi:est: 80:20… (30 day supply)
  4. Progesterone all types 100-400 mg (Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) (30 day supply)
  5. DHEA…(60 capsules, 10mg),  (60 capsules, 25mg)
  6. Pregnenolone…(50mg, 60 capsules)
  7. Cortisol: Bio-identical cortisol, or an herbal adrenal formula with raw adrenal glandular
  8. Aldosterone: hearing loss and low blood pressure (Dr. Hertoghe’s protocols).


D. Weight Loss:

  1. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) 10,000 iu, MIC Combo shots (4):+ Phentermine; plus 4 weigh ins (for 40 days):
  2. All the Same as above except you get a more potent fat burner shot GAC/MIC Combo.

What hCG weight loss does to the body to make it lose wt.

 hCG in pregnant Moms  take the fat from the Moms adipose tissue stores and sends it to the fetus to eat.

hCG is produced by a part of the placenta after implantation of egg.

hCG causes a lot of fat loss in the pt. to the body needs to  able to  excrete the fat in the form of water.

Need to optimize the GB and the GI tract to pt. does not get constipated.

hCG will balance blood sugar too.

Simeons believed that the hypothalamus must be getting programmed by the HCG in the case of the pregnant women as a way of protecting the fetus that was still developing. This was done by promoting the consumption and mobilization of excessive and abnormal adipose deposits.


Benefits of hCG from Dr. Simeons Research Manual called Pounds And Inches A New Approach to Obesity

Fat Loss: many patients can lose up btw: 15-30 lbs in one month. If this is done under the supervision of an experienced physician and the patient is compliant the wt. can be kept off indefinitely.  Dr. Churchill has treated over 1000 patients using hCG to lose weight. Appetite suppression meds when needed.

Lowers Cholesterol

Can Balance Diabetes

Rheumatism: Arthritis: all pain has subsided for some patients

Gout: all attacks have gone into remission.

Can Lower Blood Pressure

Psoriasis, Fingernails, Hair Varicose Ulcers

As well as these other weight loss programs:

  1. Peptide Weight Loss Program: Burn Fat and build muscle at the same time: Ipamorelin / CJC 1295 (Lyophilized) 15/6 mg 10 mL and AOD 9604 (Troche) 500 mcg Troche or Cream 600mcg/ml or injection: 1200 mcg/ml + GAC/MIC shots. Fast results especially if working out! For really fast results use KetonX and XymbolX at the same time!
  2. Ketogenic Diet:
  3. Intermittent Fasting:
  4. Food Sensitivity Testing:
  5. Leptin Management:
  6. Breaking sugar cravings:
  7. Phentermine (only when needed for appetite suppressant) (Rx:

 Ask Dr. Churchill about various oral medications he uses to lower sugar cravings and binging. 

  1. LDN (Rx)
  2. Appe Curb
  3. Leptin Manger
  4. Probiomax Lean DF
  5. Gymnema
  6. L-Tyrosine
  7. XymoBolX
  8. OptimetabolX 2:1
  9. KetonX

E. Libido and ED Treatments: Pharmaceutical and other Treatments:

For Men:

  1. Tadalifil
  2. Testosterone
  3. P shot (Stem Cells) Amazing long lasting results
  4. Bremelanotide PT-141

For Women:

  1. Bremelanotide PT-141: trials have been done to show this medicine maybe the future female Viagra with no side effects.
  2. Oxytocin injections
  3. Libido Cream
  4. Testosterone
  5. Invexxy estrogen vaginal inserts
  6. DHEA vaginal cream


F. Stem cells and Exosomes:

PRP and Stem cells treatments:

  1. Facials: PRP and growth factors micro-needled in after using Hyaluronic Acid… (3-6 treatments recommended). If you buy 3 treatments at once, you will receive 10% off, 6 treatments get 15%off.
  2. Joint PRP: 10% off for 2 joints,  Added in PRP mixture: B vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathics  and ozone (where available)
  3. Stem cell facials: using Exosomes: TOTAL SKIN rejuvenation at all layers, improves wrinkles, age spots and texture, increasing collagen, elastin and hydration…
  4. Joint repair regeneration: small joints (elbow, wrist, ankles), large joints (knees, shoulders, back) and lumbar (back).
  5. Hair restoration with stem cells: fuller, thicker, stronger hair for men and women. No more breakage!… If you buy 3-6 treatments at once, you will receive 10% of, 6 treatments get 15% off.
  6. ED: P-shot


G. Combo Anti-Aging Packages:

  1. Peptide therapy, GAC/MIC (4) shots, + Phentermine
    1. Add on PRP Facials:
    2. Add on Stem cell Facials: + 3000.00 for 1


  1. Peptide therapy, GAC/MIC Shots (4), PRP Facials, + Phentermine
    1. 1x: 2250.00
    2. ask4x:
    3. ask12x:


  1. Stem cell/Exosome Packages (call for more info).