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Caring for the Growing Needs of Our Community.


At the Churchill Center, a spectrum of personal crafted solutions within reach.

Dr. Churchill listens intently to his patients. He reviews past treatments and consults with the patient’s primary physician and specialists.  Patients are invited to special seminars, notified of podcasts and included in an array of special events.

Step One - Schedule

Schedule a complimentary video consultation

An online complimentary, confidential consultation with you by Dr. Dana Churchill at a time you mutually agreed upon. In order to better understand your unique health, wellness and aesthetic aspirations this is a necessary prelude to a cure. He and his colleagues will suggest a caring treatment plan with a timetable to meet your attainable goals.

Dr. Dana Churchill is available for a discreet video conference.

Step Two - Video Session

Starting your video session

This video chat and online consultation will be followed up with a discreet treatment plan utilizing an array of lab testing and consultations with associated experts. His goal is to heal the underlying conditions and root cause of ailments, disease and illnesses plaguing his patients and society as a whole. In person interviews and assessment of your best path to optimum health and radiant beauty will follow.

Start the Video Conference using the link sent to you in Step One

Step Three - Follow-Up


Follow-up as needed. Dr. Dana’s patients are an extended family. Once the patient is stabilized and thriving physically his patients are invited to special seminars, notified of podcasts and included in an array of special events. Yes, the Doctor makes house calls.