The Churchill Center

A progressive balance of science and nature
leading to deeply rooted health and wellness.

Dr. Dana Churchill

The Churchill Center

Fully Integrated - advanced science grounded in
organic and infinite medical knowledge.

Dr. Dana Churchill

The Churchill Center

Age Management, Functional
& Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Dana Churchill

Welcome to your path to a higher quality of life.
A beauty that is uniquely yours!

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Optimal Health
Holistic Endocrinology
Hormone Related Pathologies
Homeopathic Medicine
Regenerative Treatments
Aesthetics + Beauty
Anti – Aging
Nutrition – Wellbeing
Thyroid Conditions
Weight Loss or Gain
Muscle Tone
Physique Enhancement
Optimal Health

Science & Nature

A progressive balance of science and
nature leading to deeply rooted health
and wellness.

Leading You to Better Health


Science and Nature

In assessing each patient, we take into
account all possible imbalances, lifestyle,
past treatments, imaging and comprehensive
lab work emphasizing prevention and
long-term well-being for each patient
under our care.

Begin your Journey Towards Health & Wellness

At Arcadia family health center, we apply a holistic to wellness practices via gentle healing techniques. We provide men and women with the benefits of health anti-aging solutions and bio-identical hormone replacement therapies.

Driving Powerful Lives

Offering diverse opportunities, the Arcadia health center, a private clinic for your health and well-being, promotes confidence, inner-peace, positive stimulation and wellness.

Awaken the Greatness

Providing guidance is our aim to help you make the right changes in your life-style. Our expert practitioners at the Bellflower health center/medical spa will work alongside you to learn what you like, why you want it, and what is hindering your progress in life going through our primal guidelines one by one with you, and in the end we will create an easy to follow plan to achieve your health and Wellness goals and a new you at our family care center Bellflower.

Value your Health

Learn with us about the Life changing well-ness arts, re-affirming the significance of your inner well-being at our Arcadia family health center.

Realize Wellness

All our practitioners of the medical center Arcadia CA are experienced and practice high professional standards. Find out more about the services of Arcadia health center.

Why choose the Churchill Centre as your Personal Arcadia Health Center?

With our wellness specialists, and a team of dedicated and highly knowledgeable experts, we provide the best health-care solutions at our medical center Arcadia CA. An extensive review of you to deliver the world’s very best beauty treatments inside and out, medical spas, complementary therapies, Beverly Hills Mobile IV, and many more. We are constantly adding attractive products and technology to our impressive portfolio, but more than anything, we strive for perfection with our state-of-the-art Aesthetic Beauty Beverly Hills Mobile treatments.

Facility, Based upon First-hand Experiences

Personalised Attention:

At medical center Bellflower CA, restoring your health is our foremost objective. For 1-2 hours, we set up the initial progressive consultation to design remedial measures. To craft an accurate diagnosis, it is imperative to seek functional treatment for an optimum regimen, and so Arcadia family health center offers informative wellness solutions and more.

IV therapy delivered to you:


Our certified practitioners help to provide IVs, injections: (vitamin, minerals amino acids, peptides, and bio-identical hormones) and supports house calls throughout Beverly Hills. Let us supercharge you with our comprehensive Beverly Hills Mobile IV.

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Functional Diagnosis:

To eradicate any health dysfunction we have designed a personalized and optimized healthcare approach to drive optimal well-being at Arcadia health center. Our Doctors are always learning with each case, our practitioners of Arcadia health center drive balanced health applications through examining health history, functional laboratory testing, physical examination, and evaluate other associated factors like emotional, physical and spiritual content- for a well-performing optimized balanced body.

Falun Gong Free Class

by Dr Dana Churchill. 

The Churchill Center
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