Your nutrition is important!

Everything that you give to your body will have an impact in the way it functions. We provide you a variety of delicious recipes for different needs, rich in nutrients that will help you to improve your health.


Breakfast for Diabetes type 11, HTN, High CH family:

1. HFM Diabetes smoothie: E3 Live, mixed raw tocotrieols, Goji Camu super berry powder, Fresh ground flax seeds, Verry Berry concentrate.

2. Add to this almond milk (if sensitive to almonds then soy, rice, or goat milk), 1-2 kinds leafy greens (alternate the greens), fresh non-sweetened yogurt. Any kinds of nuts and or seeds. Use Vita Mix blender to get breakdown of all pulp so it becomes smooth and all nutrients are released.

Chicken Soup Enhanced to Promote Wellness and Prevention

My wife is Chinese and watching her cook is remarkable. The foods she makes are so full of natural medicines. I was eating a bowl of her chicken soup today and found a large chunk ginger, (Zingiber officinale) belongs to Zingiberaceae family, at the bottom of the bowel. It did not make the soup taste too strong or much different than my Jewish Mom’s soup. This is a really good idea for those cold overcast rainy days of fall or winter when viral, bacterial, and fungal infections start to become more prevalent. At this time of year many elderly people who travel to the sunbelt are more active outdoors are more susceptible to opportunistic fungal infections especially if taking or have been on chemotherapy regimen or immunosuppressive drugs.
Another great adaptation of the age old medicinal chicken soup is to add chopped garlic at the end of cooking into the hot soup that has just been turned off after simmering for a while. If you do mind altering the taste of Mom’s chicken soup somewhat, then for a more potent medicinal brew add the juice from 1 lime (C. aurantifolia Linn.) at the end. Lime added to garlic and ginger has been shown to inhibit many more potent kinds of microbes and pathogens.
Garlic is one of the strongest anti-microbials on our planet it can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus; but it is only effective if it is raw. I like to add it at the end of cooking, that way it is semi raw and still able to kill off microbes but not too strong for most people’s taste. Ginger is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The ginger needs to stay in large chunks with only a couple of sides sliced so it does not make the soup too strong but the garlic needs to be chopped into fine pieces. The ginger will also aid in helping to settle an upset stomach and can alleviate nausea. The lime, ginger, garlic combo has been shown to inhibit: Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus spp, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella spp

Dinner; for Diabetes Type 11, HTN, and High CH:

Parents: Pan roasted salmon w/ Thai basil yogurt sauce
Ingredients: Salmon filets, Thai basil, olive oil, soy sauce (for HTN substitute sea salt), and unsweetened yogurt, stevia or Dark agave.
1. Season salmon filets w/ salt + pepper, soy sauce: oven pan roast until flaky.
2. Thai basil yogurt sauce: in cuisine art purée: Thai basil, yogurt, lime j, small amount of Agave nectar, sea salt to taste.
3. Serve with sprigs of Thai basil and mint leaves with a dollop of sauce on bed of baby spinach.
4. A good combination is a fresh mesculum greens salad w/avocado and a Dijon vinaigrette (olive oil base). OR
5. Japanese mushroom salad OR
6. Balsamic Portobello salad.

Kids: Spaghetti squash with avocado cilantro pine nut sauce. If tomato is desired can add fresh tomatoes or sun dried tomatoes and garlic. Season w/sea salt and pepper, thyme, organo, and basil..
With this can have almond nut butter on celery or carrots (not too many).

Fresh berries w/unsweetened raw yogurt and small amount of raw honey or stevia. or\Fresh raw fruit pie:
1. Ingredients: sunflower seeds and almonds, dates and carob powder,
2. Crust: sunflower seeds and almonds, dates or raisins and carob powder, blend in cuisine art until smooth line a pie tin.
3. Pie filling: In a bowel mix Fresh berries and or peaches and or nectarines. Cut and dice into 1 inch squares: sprinkle with little cinnamon and or lavender, raw unfiltered honey (preferably with pollen), lemon j. Sprinkle raw coconut on top just before eating. Fill pie crusts let sit in fridge for 1 hr before eating.

Healthy Seaweed Salad Recipe:
1. Seaweed at raw food store or good source, long sheets not dried.
2. Garlic
3. Cilantro
4. Sea salt to taste
5. Pepper to taste
6. Agave to taste
7. Vinegar; rice wine to taste

Method: Soak seaweed over night then parboil for 3-5 min, put in cold water clean it, cut it into strips. Add raw chopped garlic, cilantro, vinegar, S & P and mix all together. Serve cold.
Heartfelt Medicine ASD, ADD/ADHD, Smoothie:
Mix 1 tsp ASDplex vitamin powder with, ½ tsp. HLC Mindlinx, Omega 3s: 1+ tsp of Berry Frutol, 1 tsp of E-3 Live crystal flakes or Brain-on crystal flakes, Agave nectar or stevia - to taste, add water or hemp or almond milk, blend and drink. NO fruit juices. Use GI Revive from DfH as well and ST to kill off yeast.
Japanese Mushroom Salad:
increase immune function. Reduces symptoms of BPH. Lowers Cholesterol. Diabetes.

1. Ingredients: Radicchio, Shitake, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms, Coconut oil, Pumpkin Seeds, Soy sauce, Ginger or Orange rind.
2. Oven roast pumpkin seeds S+P to taste, until browned and crispy
3. Oven roast thinly cut strips of ginger that have been drizzled with soy sauce so they are crunchy.
4. Sauté all mushrooms until golden brown in Coconut oil (1 TBSP) deglaze pan with small amount of soy sauce (save for dressing), put on a bed of Radicchio.
5. Put on several of the ginger strips and orange zests, and sprinkle judiciously the pumpkin seeds.

Japanese Soy – sesame seed oil dressing.

Rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and deglazed pan oil and small amount of sesame oil and extra virgin olive oil to consistency: Mix vinegar and soy sauce 1st then add oil slowly stirring it in so that it all incorporates. Put on salad.
Balsamic Portobello Mushroom salad: HTN, Lowers CH, Diabetes.

1 .Ingredients: Portobello mushrooms, olive oil, sun dried tom’s, pine nuts, radicchio or Mache. Garlic cloves, balsamic Vinegar, sea salt fresh cracked black pepper.
2. Rough cut garlic cloves with peels on. Oven roast until crispy.
3. Same as above except use Balsamic V to deglaze the pan and then pour on mushrooms and small amount for salad dressing and .Add garlic instead of ginger
4. Dressing: put small amount of Dijon mustard and balsamic V together, add olive oil slowly to incorporate, add small amount of thyme, and basil to taste.
Menu for Hypertension for family
HFM HTN smoothie: be careful of food intolerances (after you eat them you mat experience any of these symptoms: pounding heart, may feel very weak, irritable, and disoriented…) they will temporary raise your Blood pressure.

Rice, soy or goat milk, seeds and or nuts, leafy greens 1-2 and rotate weekly, Cod liver oil 2 TBSP/day, E3 live AFA (supplies all B12 needed), mixed tocotrineols (Nature’s First Law), Pomegranate juice or fruit, flax meal (freshly ground flax seeds are the best). Goji Camu super berry powder (Nature’s 1st Law). If sweetner needed use dark agave nectar and or Verry Berry concentrate.

Adult: Green leafy salad w/dandelion leaves and avocado Tamari almonds and walnuts. Sprinkle small amount or fresh garlic. Sea salt and pepper. Dressing: olive oil, Balsamic V or other and seasoning herbs: thyme, basil, oregano… Use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil judiciously (only in cold unheated form).

raw pizza: crust = blend: sunflower and pumpkin seeds w/ little olive oil and some sun dried tom paste, get it pliable and add to pizza tin. Toppings: fresh basil sprigs, fresh ripe tomato slices, onion and garlic (small amount)

Adult: eat low meat or no meat: oily fish best: salmon, sardines, mackerel… not large fish: Tuna, Sword, Shark. Eat any vegetables raw or steamed, brown rice, Quinoa, Cous cous, Natto, mushrooms, eggs if tolerable and cholesterol is not over 200, Tempe. Salads with added protein free range chicken. Grass fed beef lean, salmon, use olive oil and or coconut oil judiciously, any nuts and or seeds.
Fire Roasted Acorn Squash w/ lavender coconut squash seeds: For Diabetes, HTN, CH,
Ingredients: Acorn squash, Cinnamon, fresh coconut, Lavender. Olive oil, dates, almonds

1. Split squash in half season with S+P, cinnamon, olive oil chopped, 1 tsp per half finely minced fresh dates. Bake for about 1 hr or until tender.
2. Save all seeds from squash: spread out in single layer on sheet pan: season w/ drizzled soy, cinnamon and pepper. Oven roast until golden brown and crispy.
3. Oven roasted almond slivers: season w/drizzled soy/sesame oil, sea salt and pepper. Roast unil golden brown
4. After squash is done: serve on bed of spinach and add roasted seeds and nuts to each half or in piles on greens and sprinkles fresh lavender and fresh minced coconut meat on top.