Digestive Disorders

Why is important?

For many people, discussing about digestive problems can be hard which leaves them suffering in silence. But a healthy, functional gastrointestinal system is important so we are in perfect conditions to clean out what we don’t need and keep what will cover our bodies necessities.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

To understand what Leaky Gut Syndrome is and how it relates to allergies, we need to look at the gastrointestinal tract. When non-digested foods move through the lining of our intestinal tract and into our bloodstream, our immune system can become triggered to act like a vaccination to that non-digested food. The immune system gets confused and does not realize that the food particle is not the enemy. This is known as leaky gut syndrome. As more and more food gets through into the blood, because of Candida or other types of bacteria that weaken the GI wall, we start to have many types of symptoms that can debilitate us over time and substantially weaken our immune systems because it is putting out many of these false fires all the time.

The other issue with this is that these same food sensitivities can cause our bodies to hold onto water weight and stop us from losing weight. This is especially co¬mmon with wheat and dairy as the worst offenders. Some people know what these offending substances are and stay far away from them. However, many people do not and must be tested for food sensitivities. Environmental allergens can be tested as well if necessary.


Detox to Burn Fat & Lose Weight!

Chemicals and toxins initially accumulate in fat tissue. The more chemicals and toxins in the body, the more fat the body will manufacture as a natural protectant, keeping toxins away from the liver, kidneys and brain. Therefore, in terms of countering body toxins, fat has its upsides.

However, the body will store fat as long as it is exposed to high toxic levels. This toxin-body fat paradox is at the foundation of why dieting and losing weight is challenging, and many times, disappointing. Therefore, it is essential to decrease toxin levels to give the body a fighting chance to rid itself of fat permanently.

What's the answer to the toxin/body fat paradox?

Detoxification is a core failure in most diet programs since most typically ignore body toxins and focus solely on weight loss. Most diet plans will deprive the body of the essential nutrients necessary to maintain health and lean muscle. Any weight loss through these means is primarily a result of a loss from water and lean muscle. Minimal fat is lost because these "diets" rarely address the issue of cleansing toxins from the system. Without proper cleansing, the lost lean muscle and water eventually return as fat, thus creating fatter versions of our prior selves. This is commonly known as the yo-yo effect.

To effectively lose weight, we must first effectively lose toxins. We are becoming more aware of the importance of eating sensibly, exercising moderately, drinking sizeable quantities of clean water, consuming quality supplements, and managing weight. There is no shortage of diet plans. They may each have a slightly different viewpoint, but the same basic formula remains - low carbs, low calories, low fat, low success. 

Our diet is much more comprehensive than placing emphasis solely on restriction of certain foods. In reality, a diet is anything we put into our mouths: food, beverages, the air we breathe, and what penetrates our skin. True 'dieting' is being aware of and appropriately moderating what we allow into our bodies through all avenues. Taking this into consideration, do we want to be healthy, clean and lean? If so, then we need to modify our lifestyles to incorporate the removal of toxins from our body's cells. This, in addition to sensible eating and effective exercise, will send us on our way to a lifetime of improved health and wellness. Remember that a toxic body can make weight loss impossible, as toxins contribute to excess weight, cellulite, and the inability to lose weight, even when on a strict diet program.

There is of course a much better defense to toxic living than storing excess weight.


Every person on our planet has significant levels of heavy metals and other toxins which can cause heart disease, cancer, and brain disorders. Chelation therapy is a safe and effective way to cleanse our bodies of these pervasive heavy metals toxins and remove age-accelerating calcium deposits from our cardiovascular system. The accumulating scientific evidence suggests that this treatment modality offers a whole range of truly remarkable health benefits. It has been shown to help prevent arteriosclerosis, improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce harmful clotting mechanisms, and remove lead and other toxic heavy metals from the body.

Contact the Churchill Center today to explore the many benefits of chelation therapy, and to customize a regiments that is right for you.

What our patients say

  • "Dr. Churchill is an amazing person and takes the time to listen to what's going on with my body, mind and able to identify potential root causes of things that affect me."

    -Jeannie H. Cypress, CA
  • "I have thyroid issues and after visiting numerous doctors I finally feel like I'm in the right hands. Dr. Churchill believes in getting to the root cause and creating a plan that will work for me.He has given me hope for my future."

    - Amber G. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • "So talking about doctors he is the best and all his products are natural if you really want to improve your health, first go to his office and second follow strictly his treatment. Believe me you will be really healthy, young, and happy the rest of your life."

    - Rossanny G. Eastside, Las Vegas, NV
  • "Dr. Churchill has been amazing. I went to him with thyroid problems and he has helped me lose 51 lbs in just over 3 months. I'm not the typical patient, I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which makes it extremely hard to lose weight. With his guidance I've been successful ."

    - Marianne C. Long Beach, CA
  • "Wow...this is the most amazing thing I've ever taken...I feel like a completely new person! I had no idea I had so many things holding me back in life until I tried this remedy and am just now starting to realize how impactful they were on me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I still can't believe there's been something like this out there the whole time I've been dealing with all these issues and am just now being exposed to it...the way I feel is just simply amazing, thank you so much for properly diagnosing me and introducing me to this remedy!"

    E.P. Los Angeles, CA
  • "Thank you very much for your help. She seems fine today, I'm glad she reacted well to the IV. Do you have a printout of your treatment plan? She's a little overwhelmed so I want to walk her through it. It took a lot to get her into the office in the first palce, but she loved you, I told her I'd trust you with my life."

    - Marianne C. Long Beach, CA
  • "My wife has been seeing Dr. Dana Churchill for over 6 months. He's a blessing. We couldn't be any happier with the results of his treatment. If you decide to work with Dr. Churchill, the best advice I can give is to stick with his plan. We're all human and we may want to have a cheat day but don't do it. It can be challenging but listen to what he says. He's not about giving you a prescription to give you a pill that will mask your problem. He's about prescribing a treatment that will fix you forever. I highly recommend Dr. Churchill!"

    - M.F. Pasadena, CA


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